Hygiene and cleanliness have always been important in our everyday lives. But now that there is an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, keeping our office and home disinfected and free from hazardous viruses and bacteria have become more essential than ever. If you want to know the reasons, keep on reading below: 

The places you lay and sit aren’t safe 

Items that are based on fabric can be found anywhere in our offices and homes. For instance, sofas or chairs, both of these can be a great place for germs and viruses to thrive, which usually results in allergies especially if left unnoticed for a long time. On top of the precaution and cleaning steps from the virus, you can book a mattress cleaning and sofa cleaning service to have these items thoroughly cleaned.  

Viruses and germs are difficult to remove 

Germs are microorganisms that are difficult to kill. Research shows that germs are impossible to be killed even in extremely cold temperatures. Moreover, they tend to easily move and be transferred from one place to another via your hands. Also, germs can affect or poison your digestion. Hence, by making sure that your office and home are disinfected, you can remove 99.9 percent off germs.  

Give a germ- and virus-free environment, particularly during this outbreak of a global pandemic. We’re dedicated to helping you get your business back on track and to keep you safe at your own home by giving you the help you need especially during the lockdown. If you need our help, you can always contact us and book for home cleaning San Francisco and office disinfection today so you can keep worry-free from any viruses and germs and stay organized all the time.  

Viruses and germs are found everywhere 

This time, you are tasked to do your everyday activity such as studying and working at home. However, did you know that the items and things that you frequently touch and use in your house can have viruses and germs? In fact, according to recent studies, the existing coronavirus today can potentially last up to five days. Because of this, regular cleaning won’t suffice when it comes to killing harmful viruses.  

Similar to offices, your office still contains plenty of germs and viruses that remain inside it even if you’ve left your office for a long duration. In fact, our computer keyboard, which is the most used office tools that we mostly touch, can contain more than 9 thousand germs per sq. inch where regular cleaning won’t suffice. For that, it’s really a must to disinfect your office. This way, you can guarantee that your office is safe from germs and viruses. If you want to kill 99.9 percent of germs and viruses in your office or home, book for disinfection services from your trusted cleaning company.  

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